Welcome to the fanlisting for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (), an anime series created by the Japanese anime studio Gainax. The anime debuted in 2007 and ran for a total of 27 episodes. A manga adaptation soon followed and is currently serialized in Dengeki Daioh magazine. The series has also spawned an ongoing light novel series, a Nintendo DS video game, and two animated movies.

Simon is a young orphaned boy who lives in a world where mankind has been forced to live underground. He leads a quiet life as a digger for his village, and looks up to the village rebel, Kamina, as an older brother figure. Kamina dreams of going up to the surface world, and when a giant mecha monster suddenly comes crashing down into their village, they fight it off using a mecha of their own and make it up to the surface. They soon learn that the world above is a dangerous place and are constantly fighting off enemies in giant robots. They team up with other survivors and form Dai Gurren-dan, a brigade of resistance fighters who are determined to fight for their place on Earth. What started off as an ambitious underground dream turns into a mission to save the entire world. Along the way, Simon endures many hardships and challenges but slowly evolves into a young man with the strength to take on the universe ★

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